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Professional Counselling Team


I have been working at SLCS since 2018 and work with a range of needs, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, child-sexual abuse, adult and domestic abuse, addiction, relationship issues, family systems, attachment and personal development. Outside of SLCS I work with young people in Alternative Provision and am a Nature Therapist. I am a keen walker and motorcycle enthusiast.


I really enjoy working with SLCS as I always felt welcomed and also good to feel surrounded by all professionals who works hard and also try to help the community. 

Proud to be part of the team and admire the good spirits within our psychotherapist team including our managers, supervisors, office workers and trainers.


My experience as a volunteer at SLCSS 
My motivation for volunteering at SLCSS were exclusively my desire to help others.
The second year of my Diploma in integrative counselling approach (working collaboratively, drawing from several models to create the therapeutic relationship best support client’s needs) required me to gain 50 external counselling hours to complete my diploma. With much apprehension I approached SLCS to seek a volunteer placement and I was accepted.  
Two weeks later I welcomed my first client, I explained that I was a trainee counsellor and I found the core principles of empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard which I applied to everyone seeking counselling support. 
At the end of the session she said to me, you sound as if you have been doing this for years, see you next week.
I am now a qualified counsellor and my experience has been to work with clients conveying a range of issues to counselling including: – depression, anxiety, gender and sexuality, racial, grief, trauma and abuse.
As I worked more with clients, I recognised the change in them, they   benefited from the work we did together, they referred other people to SLCSS, on the basis of their experience with me and were giving positive feedback. This gave me a sense of pride and confidence. One of the practice of the charity is to give client the space and time to regain their composures. Working from a non-judgemental basis of respect and values whatever a client brings to counselling. I am mindful of the world we are living in and the impact this can have on individuals. I come to realise that here is a small charity with a big heart and decided there and then, when I completed my diploma I would like to return as a volunteer. I am an Accredited Member (MBACP) having achieved substantial level of training, experiences and approved by the association.

I work with a wonderful team of colleagues and we have an empathetic clinical supervisor who understands the diligence of our profession and is always there for us personally and professionally.


My experience working for SCLSS has been an eccentric experience.
I felt valued, part of a team and supported. During my time I learnt how to work with many diverse clients and very much enjoyed it. The service was efficient and puts the clients first which is what I liked. Supervision has been productive and helped me to be self reflective and aid my therapeutic practice.


Looking for a placement to complete my counselling training and clinical hours I have been   eternally grateful to South London Counselling & Support Services for giving me an amazing opportunity in joining their team of volunteer and qualified counsellors supporting the local community of South London. Offering free counselling to those in need. 
This was at the start of the pandemic and I worked remotely with the support of the agency and reaching the clients who desperately needed to access this service via zoom during such an unusual and challenging time. 
I was exposed to a wealth of experience as a volunteer trainee while being fully trained and supported by the agency and experienced supervisor.


The Support Network of SLCSS empowered me and made me determined to continue to serve vulnerable people as the statistics of people in need of support are escalating and increasing daily.
Monthly one to one supervision is wonderful and enlightening because it opens my mind to how to be curious and contain people’s narrative without been bias, how to be neutral and maintain boundaries.
SLCSS gave me the opportunity to fulfil my dream and desire to serve vulnerable people in the community. This type of service enables me to have self-awareness, how to regulate my emotions and been grateful for life and family. Working in SLCSS helped me to build strength, confidence, and resilience. Looking back, I have experienced progress in my career and I am looking forward to many years of service in SLCSS.


Hi there! I’m Lianne.
I have been working with SLCSS for several years. Encouraging and helping to empower individuals.
My work is integrative allowing a communication style to suit an array of people. Along with empathy, I’m able to establish a genuine and effective working alliance. Always looking for an opportunity to further evolve my personal and professional achievements.
Counselling has It’s challenges but overall, it’s a fulfilling career. I’m  grateful for the remarkable team we have here, at SLCSS.


I started working at South London Counselling Services just before the lockdown. I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients from many different walks of life who are facing various challenges. Working with people of varied ethnicities, gender and class has taught me no matter who you are and where you are from people want to be met where they are and by someone who can empathise without judgement and walk with them along their journey. I have received so much support through peer and one to one supervision from my colleagues and staff and we continue to learn and grow and learn from each other as we share our own experiences in our therapeutic work.