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Youth, Office and admin team


Yinka is currently the Office Manager of South London Counselling Services. She holds BSc in Sociology and Anthropology and post graduate Diploma in Education.

Furthermore, she holds certificates in I.T (Computer Networking). Besides her experience in IT, she worked as a career trainer with Pecan for 7 years working with clients recovering from mental health illness. Her passion for Education prompted her to start a supplementary school for the children and youth ages 5-19 which was very successful in the community and recognized by London Borough of Lewisham. She worked with the NHS as a vocational specialist for 7 years also with clients recovering from mental health illness and she has series of training in counseling and her experience of CBT approach is valuable in the management of the organisation.


Being a youth worker at SLCSS has been a fantastic experience. There is a great sense of purpose and importance to the community especially for the children and young people. I have been involved in putting together sporting activities for young people and we engage in weekly football sessions and other activities where young people can come together through a hobby to improve their mental health and well-being thereby reducing stress, worries and anxieties of life. Creating a space where people are inspired and happy gives me pride and happiness to be a part of an organisation driving change to such an integral part of the community yet often not spoken about enough. Honestly, it’s a great feeling and so much fun being in this creative space.

Afo JJ

I am a youth worker who is  very inspired and motivated by learning new skills and meeting new people. South London Counselling & Support Services has given me this valuable opportunity. I have been able to use the new skills to benefit many people  in the BAME Community. Working with SLCSS has helped me significantly as an individual and as part of a team that helped in building my ability to  establish working relationships with others. Although, there are challenges, but I have learnt to work my way through and overcome. The youth group is focused orientated with a tight knit group of individuals who all have one sole focus which is to benefit others. The skills and abilities that I have gained while working here are invaluable and real life lessons that will stay with me forever. 


SLCSS is a strong bonded family like organisation. It has been a great privilege working here and seeing the growth of the many different clients and counsellors that have come through. Everybody is so supportive and they all take pride in their work in order to help others become the best they can possibly be. The growth of the this organisation has been imaginable and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.